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TNZ Group's fax solutions are designed to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. For some customers, this means fax solutions will need to be integrated into an existing system, or customised to suit their requirements.

Methods of Faxing:
Faxes can be sent using a range of methods, including:
  • Email (SMTP)
  • SOAP (API)
  • JSON/XML Rest API - See our latest Messaging API Documentation
  • FTP and SFTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • Faxware Applications (custom built protocols, including INetFileTranfer, SendService and CapturePort)
See Features for a detailed list of options.

Advanced Features:
  • OCR faxing (turn a fax into a TXT file, Fax to EDI)
  • Password protection and encryption (SecureFax)
  • Support for 200+ document types, including Microsoft Office and Open Office products.
  • Set the CLI (Caller Line Identification) and CSID (Caller Sender Identification) Control for customers wanting to send faxes with a customised Caller ID.
  • Set custom Transmit Stamps. This is the section of information at the top/bottom of a fax page. These stamps have the date and time set in the sender or receivers local time zone.
  • Automatic retry for faxes that failed to transmit. You can have full control the number of retries and the time between each retry.
  • Embed destination information inside the fax document. We support full document manipulation, such as image overlays, signature insertion, cover page insertion etc. With full fax merge / mail merge support, you can personalise your fax documents with custom substitution fields (e.g. Attention, Company, First & Last Name etc).
    See a sample here: Faxing Help Guides - Email to Fax Broadcast with Substitution (Mail Merge)
  • Use of the Web Portal to view, send and receive faxes, as well as receiving full logs on the fax jobs.
  • Have the delivery reports (status logs) submitted to you upon completion of the job, either via email, SOAP or HTTP.
  • Customized reporting, such as a daily transaction feed, a daily summary or a monthly special report.

Possible Uses and Customer Solutions:
  • Faxing Invoicing
  • Faxing Remittance Advices
  • Faxing Purchase Orders
  • Faxing Statements
  • Faxing Newsletters
  • Faxing Product Announcements
  • Integrating into a Carrier's fax platform

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