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Corporate & Wholesale


TNZ Group can provide Corporate and Wholesale customers with reliable and efficient fax solutions. These solutions include the ability to send and receive faxes via a number of methods, including email, a Web Portal, or API and other custom solutions for integration into an existing system or CRM tool.
These solutions are also capable of providing complex reporting, from billing records (price calculation) to transaction records (delivery success and failure reports) to Weekly and Monthly reports (for statistical calculation and monitoring) to real-time reports available for viewing and download from a Web Portal.

For the Wholesalers:

TNZ Group's fax offering allows wholesalers to incorporate faxing solutions into an existing product line and market them through existing sales channels using their own brand name. All aspects of the fax solution can be fully customised, bespoke to suit your business requirements and market image.

TNZ Group has operated as an established wholesale solutions provider since the conception of Faxware International Limited in 1995.
TNZ Group has the infrastructure, ability, capacity and experience to provide turn-key fax solutions, complete with a fully integrated and secure portal with links directly into the fax platform, allowing you to directly manage your customers and services online.

Our commercial offering includes wholesale rate structures at competitive rates.
TNZ Group will provide experienced operational support and account management to ensure smooth and swift enablement as well as dedicated ongoing support, assisting you and your customers in all aspects of migration from an existing solution.

For the Corporates:

In the world of the smart device and smart consumer, large enterprises have an enhanced opportunity to operate in real time. Often, it is legacy fax solutions and processes that slow this process down. Working with TNZ Group to build an Internet-based fax solution and eliminating the need for paper-based faxing can help you become more efficient, productive and customer focussed, transforming your organisation into an efficient, real-time enterprise.

Key concepts are enhanced Productivity to integrate fax into existing workflow and CRM concepts, Flexibility to access fax solutions at any time, Innovation, Cost Control with enhanced reporting, Business Continuity with redundant outsourced cloud-based fax solutions and fax archiving, and Improved Customer Service.

Your Staff, Partners and Technical Team will have access to additional features, simplified management and accessibility controls, allowing them to spend more time on jobs of importance. The result, an overall less-stressful and less time consuming experience.

Main Features of Interest:
  1. White-labelling: Fax services and solutions can be completely white labelled (white badged). This includes theming of email reports, tailored Web Portal access and use of your entity's own email domains and addresses.
  2. Customized Reporting: Customized reporting is available. Whether this is a daily transaction feed, a daily summary or a monthly special report, we can cater to your requirements.
  3. Service Customization: Services can be customized to suit legacy systems. Move from your existing infrastructure across to a fully outsourced fax solution with ease.
    This includes support for Number Portability (for customers wanting to receive faxes) and CLI (Caller Line Identification) and CSID (Caller Sender Identification) Control (for customers wanting to send faxes with a customised Caller ID).
  4. Bulk faxing support.
  5. Negotiable Pricing.

Advanced Features Include:
  1. Invoicing Runs
  2. Mail Merges
  3. Substitution and In-Document Control Commands
  4. Document Manipulation (cover pages, watermarks, signatures, character encoding, image overlays)
  5. Integration into Billing Systems
  6. Fax-to-Print (automatically print received faxes to a local printer)
  7. Image conversion (converted to G3 or G4 low/high res, split into single pages to be manipulated to fit into existing workflow systems)

For more information on Advanced Features, see the Software Developer Section.