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SecurityGateway Features

False Positive Protection

Because no one benefits when an email is wrongly identified as spam or unsafe, protections assure the ultimate delivery of legitimate messages.

Hidden Threat Detection

Multiple security tests, including multiple anti-virus plug-ins, deliver enterprise-class protection against hidden threats, incoming and outgoing

Flexible Design

Because security measures of the future will be different from those of today, design flexibility protects your software investment for years to come.

Web Access

The gateway is easily accessible through a web browser interface for both administrators and users.

Black Lists and White Lists

Messages from senders on blacklists are always rejected. Messages from senders on whitelists can optionally bypass some tests.

User-Specific Lists

Users can specify their own blacklists and whitelists.

Message Logs

Logs for administrators and users show the disposition of each email-delivered, quarantined, rejected and why.

Graphical Reports

Realtime graphical reports reveal email trends. Each report contains clickable points linked to the message logs.

Fine-Tuning Tests

Adjustments can be made to the aggressiveness of each test, either globally or for individual domains.

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